Designer and dessert stylist Betty Pham established Petal and Pastry in 2018 with a vision to connect people through the experience of dessert. Each cake and pastry created is baked with love and individually decorated with an intricate flavor and story to share.

Her journey began as the sole baker and dessert stylist for Ms. Kellie Nguyen Events when the company consisted of just her and Kellie Nguyen in 2015. After graduating from UCSD in 2017, Betty took a break from the company to develop her passions for baking and creating recipes which eventually led to the early development stages of Petal and Pastry. From dessert design and recipe development, styling to photography, Petal and Pastry is establishing a unique brand with a feminine but minimal aesthetic that is continuing to grow and develop.

Petal and Pastry has been loved and featured on the Ms. Kellie Nguyen Events and Lavish Weddings websites. Ms. Kellie Nguyen Events dessert menu continues to feature Petal and Pastry’s original menu and dessert photos that were developed through 2015-2017. Although similar to Ms. Kellie Nguyen Events dessert menu, the flavors and recipes developed as part of Petal and Pastry have evolved in flavor profile and are wholly unique. Other collaborations include the likes of Cakes4Kids San Diego which provides cakes to underprivileged and foster children and the San Diego Cake Show.